Sino-Global Education Development Foundation.


美国林顿高中全称是美国佛蒙特州林顿学术高中,坐落在佛蒙特州东北部林顿中心镇(Lyndon Institute),该校创建于1867年,是全美著名私立高中。该校由于教育质量高,接纳了来自美国和世界各地的学生,大部分被哈佛大学,波士顿大学,布朗大学以及在亚利桑那州,夏威夷州,伊利诺斯州,麻省,迈阿密州,密西根州,佛蒙特州,华盛顿州和威斯康星州的名牌大学录取。学校相继培养了许多成功人士,其中包括福布斯杂志“前100名”投资家David Aronoff,经济学家和国际货币基金委员会执行董事Daniel Collamore Heath等名人。

Founded in 1876, Lyndon Institute is dedicated to providing a unique educational experience for our students that leads to a lifetime of learning and good citizenship. We are an independent and comprehensive high school for grades 9-12, offering a 150-course curriculum specializing in core and honors academics, fine and performing arts and technical and career programs. Our goal is to provide thoughtful and rigorous preparation for our students to help them reach their intellectual, creative, and physical potential. Our learning community is comprised of 600 students; 86% are day students from dozens of area towns and villages and 14% are international and domestic boarding students from over 20 countries.

The main 130-acre campus hosts 34 buildings, including the Main Building, Alumni Gymnasium and 650-seat Alumni Auditorium, the Elliott Memorial Library, the John L. Norris, Jr. Center for the Arts, the Monahan Academic Commons, the Vail Student Center and six dormitories. The 300-acre Binney Woods forest, located on Burke Mountain, provides outdoor recreation and educational opportunities. Our school is located in the scenic and historic area of Vermont called the Northeast Kingdom. Vermont’s Northeast Kingdom is revered by residents and visitors alike for its lovely countryside, abundant natural resources, and the preservation of traditional landscapes and lifestyles that have made the Vermont experience on to be cherished.